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Why do all good things come to an end….EPL Season Ends!

by SimonSEEZ

Spent a large part of the day thinking what to title this post been the last preview I’ll be writing for this season.  Played with ‘EPL fades out’, ‘Curtains Call” , “It’s the hope that kills you” and many others but just in the same manner musicians tell you they get inspiration from their environment, I guess the inspiration for this title came from this tweet from @ThaBigSize


Weekends and football are now so intertwined that when we go a day without anything it seems like we have been deprived of our lifestyle. Irrespective of the result , win, lose or draw we all still look forward to the next weekend when we have an opportunity to watch our favourite teams challenge for titles or our rivals fall at the hands of other teams . Imagine feeling a Saturday without football is strange, then what’s the feeling you get watching the last game of the season knowing you are not going to get some (by get some I meant football, get your mind out of the gutterfor another two months…phew!

Like Nelly Furtado says in her song, ‘why do all good things come to an end?’, the 2013- 2014 EPL season draws to a close with the game against Norwich. It’s a strange sort of game because both clubs have nothing to play for except pride. Arsenal is certain to finish fourth and Norwich are relegated except they score 17 goals against us which we won’t dwell on because we know that isn’t going to happen. Actually let’s dwell on it a little as conceding goals would actually count for something, if we don’t concede any goal against Norwich, Szczesny would be winner of the golden gloves this season.

What a season it would be for him, considering his position was one a lot of people felt we needed improvement at the start of the season and it was rumoured we were in for a few goal keepers with QPR’s Julio Ceaser top of that list. Szczesny has proven to be an awesome keeper and bar those horrific games against Liverpool and Chelsea his goal conceded per game ratio would have been amazing. Even his Spurs neighbours were nice enough to realize the kind of talent he has turned out to be hence the card he received from them.


If I were in Szczesny shoes or gloves as the case may be I would have by now sent death threats to all my defenders informing them that they can count all their dogs dead if they let me concede a goal especially considering the fact that Fabianski is the FA Cup keeper and has done more in a competition that would end our trophy drought.

We might not be winning the league today, we might have suffered heavy losses in the hands of direct rivals and we are finishing the same spot where we did last year but I feel this season should we win the FA Cup would be a success. We led the league for long spells and it’s easy to forget all that because of how we fared from February till date but should we win the game against Norwich we would be 7 points behind the eventual winners. We are not far off and it all comes down to the manager to ensure we don’t regress next season knowing fully well that our rivals would strengthen.

The league table would show that we are the fourth best team in England and you can’t argue with that even though Liverpool were spared the trouble of playing in Europe, we have to take responsibility for our performances and do everything to be competing for the title till the very last day. This is not how I envisioned our season would end. Just after Theo Walcott’s injury I wrote this post “I had a dream about Theo Walcott’ that captured exactly how I thought this day would be, but I guess we have to look for positives to cling to now.

There is not much to say about this game really aside from the fact that Wilshere might be included in the match day squad.  There is some call for Wenger to play the youngsters and fringe players, while this might make sense from an avoiding injury perspective I don’t see why playing against Norwich would be an excuse for a dip in performance a week later for any regular player.

The only player I would love see get game time is Sanogo, and it’s not because I like him, I actually don’t but if Wenger is going to start him against Hull in the FA Cup finals which I think he shouldn’t, it would be better to give him more match time and hopefully he scores a goal that would help his confidence and he might not hurry to take a shot when he needs to take one at the finals.

So, for a season that has been the most exciting we have had in recent times, it seems the final day would be a boring fest with the relegated teams already confirmed and the City needing just a point to win the title. The battle for fourth which we have kept interesting for the last few years with our last game battles has already been settled this season. I wonder how John Dykes when making his ads for the weekly games will go about making this one exciting for us.

Have a great week friends, we already in the FA Cup mood and we would be having the first CanonCrested hangout with a few friends of site. So invites would be sent during the week, should be fun. If you are an Arsenal fan anywhere reading this you should get that finest champagne bottle you have been saving out and get ready to drink to the very last drop ‘cos after 9 years in this dungeon, we have to party hard!!!

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YungWun May 10, 2014 - 11:52 pm

Winning the game against Hull City/Tigers (whatever) will definitely mean we’ve had a good season. Clinching a UCL spot for next season & then going ahead to win the FA Cup, I’ll say it wasn’t a bad season afterall. My concern right now is what the future holds for Arsenal FC, hoping the Boss does what he needs to do to make us ruthless contenders of whatever competition the players find themselves in. Drifting from all that, where’s my May 17th I.V ?

SimonSEEZ May 11, 2014 - 6:33 am

Wenger has already broken our transfer record, he doesn’t even need to break it again to get us the quality we need. Like you I really hope he is more decisive in the transfer market this season and also do it early. About the IV…you and junkyp are hardly ever in Lagos 🙂

Olayinka May 11, 2014 - 6:50 am

Lmaooo!!…I totally agree wit u on the Woj issue,if I was in his ‘gloves’,I wld av sent death threats out…I don’t care aw dy want to do it bt he MUST NOT concede today!he shld get d golden gloves,for his efforts ds season..forget his occassional rush of adrenaline to his head,he wld gt over dt as he ages…like YungWun said,FA cup+UCL spot(we secured dt 2games to go,which is an improvement on the final day higi haga we normally have),dt wld be a good season for my Arsenal…let’s hope we get the changes we need next season(I doubt tho)…so WE GO AGAIN…hopefully we don’t SLIP next season…..heheehhehehe…*evil grin*

SimonSEEZ May 11, 2014 - 11:20 am

naaa.SLIPPING is only for Liverpool bro, we wont!!!

Ross Tommey May 11, 2014 - 7:03 am

He’s done it again! You show the way again Simon. Calm and reasoned blogging, folks this is a rare thing!

I will leave my views on the season until after the FA Cup as alot can happen in football from week to week.

Norwich seems to be a dead rubber and with the exception of the young Pole in the Goal any result that ends in a clean sheet is good enough! 17 clean sheets in a season would be a tremendous achievement!

We are however getting that extra week of football anticpation with the cup final looming large. I am planning a She Wore party for next saturday with over 12 Gooners coming round to watch, cheer sing and drink the afternoon away! I suggest you do the same and get yourself to Lago’s for the Canoncrested Cup Final Special … sing along and here’s to celebrating with a win and an open bus parade around Islington on Sunday! I’ll be there! UTA!

#Bringbackourgirls protest outside the Nigeria Embassy in London was well attended with over 200 noisey ex-pats and a few white faces showing our solidarity. The press also supported the event and have followed this up with more Dr Badluck bashing … long may that continue and shorten the time it takes to get the girls back home!

SimonSEEZ May 11, 2014 - 11:23 am

Thanks Ross, you far too kind..Lovely stuff….if the internet is good maybe we could try to skype during the period. What do you think??

Thanks alot with the protest too. The pressure is up on our govt officials here, like most things Nigerian we pay more attention to things outside our shores than the ones that come from within

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