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Arsenal : The Spirit will set us free!!!!

by SimonSEEZ
Resident Blogger : SimonSEEZ 

Finally all the spirits called by Arsene since he became manager have shown up. I wonder if anyone has the stats on how many times he has used that term to describe Arsenal….Opta? Squawka? Anyone??? Spirit has got to be up there with ‘hand brake’, but it seems it has finally shown up, better late than never they say.

I am pretty certain I am not alone in noticing the togetherness that exists in the squad now. The playing for each other, filling positions immediately someone drifts out of position especially in midfield, people playing in unnatural roles and not a single complaint as long as they are putting in a shift for the team, the joy when we score(not like anyone was actually sad in the past ) but you only have to listen to the interviews after the game to notice how players are quick to give credit to their team mates and the amount of work everyone is doing for the team to make them better.

Christians would be familiar with the biblical effect of the release of the Holy Spirit on the Jesus’ apostles. BOOM! Like drunken men they were out of hiding and out in the street speaking confidently in strange tongues winning souls for Christ…this Spirit filled Arsenal team sure are winning disgruntled fans over especially after the Villa debacle.

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Wenger is taking a huge gamble with this side, slighted by every media outlet known to man, this blog inclusive he kept reminding us to keep faith with the team while he was on a team shedding mission. I don’t think this new drive the team now seems to have is not unconnected with the weight loss it underwent this summer. Players with little or no contribution to the team except picking off weekly cheques were let go. Imagine coming into a training session that is without players who knew they stood no chance of playing, were everyone currently around knew they had a part to play to achieve success and they had the quality to do so.

Players kn0w quality, trust me, there is a difference when you drive into your training ground and you see players like Ozil, Van Persie or Yaya Toure and when you get there to meet Chamakh and Park.  The squad is thin, that is public knowledge but they are all into each other because they is a feeling of I need you to be successful and I intend to do everything to be. See the pictures that came out of the trip to the Far East during the summer and the ones coming out of the grounds now, there sure is a spirit in this team that we haven’t seen since the Viera, Petit, Overmars era. 

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Yes, its early days in the season and this new found spirit would be tested in very tough circumstances, but what I have seen in this team is that they are not going to buckle under pressure. They have the extra spring in their stride now, and Aaron Ramsey epitomizes it. Squawka states he currently leads the league in the number of tackles made and he adds that with goals upfront. How often do you see tackle and goals in the same sentence? Point me in the direction of a centre forward with better link play than Giroud currently in the league.  See how willing Sagna is to sit in the centre of defence for the team rather than moan about it. Mertesacker wears the arm band beautifully and leads by example .  Have you seen Podolski? Really have you seen Podolski? This brother is injured but you see him everywhere ? Whether he is taking pictures with Ozil , giving him a Jersey or tweeting at the team when he is not even in it, top that with Ozils declaration at his unveiling presser ‘I AM A GUNNER’!!!

My heart is sold and if yours isn’t then I don’t know which club you support.

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